10 joulu 2019

KEKO seminar Readiness in Crises!

Date and time:
10.12.2019 10:00 – 13:00
Pasila library auditorium Kellosilta 9
Event language:
free event
KeKo ry

Readiness in crises; responsible volunteer management in crises situations

Being prepared for unexpected crises requires knowledge, experience and resources. Those engaged directly with humanitarian crises are equipped for the task. However, for many NGOs the focus of their work does not habitually include handling crisis situations. Yet, by definition, crises and catastrophes come unannounced.  Therefore, distributing the knowledge and experience is important. On the other hand, the crises faced in everyday interactions may not differ from the crises in the field; e.g. power relations and vulnerabilities are pervasive everywhere. Those experts in everyday life encounters possess experience on tackling human relations and power dynamics and their knowledge and views are valuable in all kind of volunteering management. The seminar will focus on how to be prepared to act responsibly in unexpected situations, what can be required, and learned from actors to who’s work or expertise does not include handling crises situations.

The seminar is free for all interested parties, particularly for NGOs and educational institutions managing volunteering or sending / hosting interns to safe environments but who would benefit from the exchange with actors handling crises and learning from their expertise.