Sustainability is at the core of the Beyond Growth -conference. We aim to follow and promote good sustainability practices to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities. Our aim is to make the conference as sustainable as possible and to encourage our participants to be environmentally and socially conscious.


Our aim is to provide Beyond Growth participants with organic, local vegetarian food. We encourage our participants to reduce food waste and recycle as much waste material as possible.

Instead of serving water in plastic bottles we provide you fresh and clean Finnish tap water.

Location and accommodation

Beyond Growth -conference will be held in Paasitorni Confrence Center. The location of Paasitorni is very central and easily accessible. The easiest way to get there is by public transport, which we highly recommend our participants to use.

We offer accommodation options which are in walking distance from Paasitorni Confrence Center.

Compensating for climate impacts

We want to draw our participants’ attention to the climate impacts caused by this event. Because we produce emissions on flights, we can also make sure that we produce good for the world at the same time.

We provide the conference participants with three main options to compensate for climate impact. We have chosen three Finnish NGOs through which you can support a better world. You of course have the option to compensate your travels by alternative methods that suit you the best.

Friends of the Earth Finland

Friends of the Earth has many objectives but one goal: a just, democratic and sustainable world, where economy and governance serve the people and environment and not the other way around.
You can support Friends of the Earth Finland’s work in here.

Siemenpuu Foundation

The Siemenpuu Foundation provides support to environmental and democracy initiatives done by civil society actors in the South. The projects supported by Siemenpuu are tackling poverty and inequality and reduce the loss of biological diversity and climate emissions. The projects are planned and implemented locally by NGOs in the South.

You can support Siemenpuu Foundation’s work here.

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation is a non-governmental organization that promotes protection of old growth forests. Through the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, every friend of nature in Finland or abroad can personally be a part of the concrete work for the conservation of Finnish old-growth forests. The foundation gives you a chance to buy a piece of old-growth forest in any size you want.

You can support The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundations’s work here.