27 syys 2012

Post Rio+20 brainstorming

27.9.2012 14:00 – 16:00
Kepan Dialogi-koulutustila, Töölöntorinkatu 2 A
Siemenpuu-säätiö, Kepa

At the Peoples Summit of the Rio+20 conference in June 2012, a new and strong convergence of numerous social movements took place, tied together by critique of the proposed Green economy.

This criticism had a strong environmental foundation and progressive idea(l)s on development and democracy. Put forward were the contours of a coherent vision. In addition to coherent critique the Peoples Summit introduced numerous legislative demands, a shifting of focus to diverse but transformative economic/political/cultural practices as well as methodologies and tools as to how to further them.

This political situation creates also for us in Finland a space and momentum to discuss the ideas presented (see links to two key documents below), to also show that the substantial voice of civil society in the global South is being heard. Targets for the discussion are open: but it could lead to a cooperative platform for initiating substantial (and also critical) Finnish in-depth discussion on Green economy and its effects; on the building of sustainable alternative economy; and to discuss the politics and financial aspects that are currently evolving, which include the politics of development finance to civil society. The process could involve dialogue both with and within the globally oriented movement as well as with other groups that have an interest in participate.

Welcome to an informal brainstorming session on Thursday 27.9, klo 14-16, at Kepa Dialogi-kokoushuone, Töölöntorinkatu 2 A, 00260 Helsinki, where we would like to discuss and see for the interest in such a cooperative platform, and outline what common objectives and processes can be formed.

More information

Two outcome documents from the Rio process :

- Rio+20 Peoples’ Summit final declaration, as well as the outcome of the Plenaries per theme

- “Another Future Is Possible” written in response (and opposition) to the UN Rio document “The Future We Want”. Outcome of the “Thematic Social Forum, Capitalist  Crisis, Social and Environmental Justice,” held earlier in Porto Alegre, Brasil, which was called together in preparation of the Rio+20 Peoples’ Summit.