Fingo Powerbank

Charge up with Fingo Powerbank

Fingo Powerbank supports development NGOs in three areas: innovations, technology solutions and private sector collaboration.  

We organize trainings, share information and bring actors together – among other activities. Our goal is to boost joint efforts for a sustainable world.

This website is the right place to start. Here we offer you valuable tools and learning material.

Technology Solutions Portfolio

Are you looking for useful technology to enhance your project? Our Technology Solutions Portfolio holds a selection of tried and tested solutions which have been found highly useful for development NGOs. Plus, they are all made as easily available as possible. Go take a look!

Matchmaking Platform

Are you seeking for a partner in the private sector? Matchmaking Platform lists over 50 Finnish companies that are potential partners for development NGOs. Take a look and start making contacts!

Learning Material

What does “innovation” mean? What are the Principles for Digital Development? We are collecting a large pool of valuable information for NGOs about innovations, technological solutions and private sector collaboration. Learning videos, blogs about best practices and much more – you name it!


We organize events and offer a wide scale of trainings for NGOs – check out this page to see what is coming up next.


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About the project

Fingo Powerbank is coordinated by the Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo. The aim is to increase the civil society’s capacity in three areas: innovations, technology solutions and corporate collaboration. We organize trainings, create partnerships and networks, test and adopt new solutions & provide advisory services and tutoring. The main focus is on supporting development NGOs and their partners in six Eastern African countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia and Somaliland.

The Fingo Powerbank programme extension is financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The project will last from 2020 to the end of 2021.