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Tuomas Tiainen

Fingon koulutukset

Tutustu Fingon tuleviin koulutuksiin.
16 joulu 2019

The Amazon is burning, natural resources are running out, climate change threatens all of us and inequality is increasing. It is no secret that we are facing enormous global problems today. Some of us ignore the issues, some freeze in front of them and many of us simply feel hopeless. How would Paulo Freire approach these wicked problems we face today?

Freire would not give us any miraculous quick-fix for tackling these challenges, as he believed that, ‘“No one knows everything and no one knows nothing; no one educates anyone, no one educates himself alone, people educate each other, mediated by the world”.
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29 tammi 2020

Do you want to get hands on facilitation tips and tricks on how to use service design tools in your organization? Do you also want to learn how to scale service design throughout teams and organizations by using it as a customer-centric management tool?
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