Fingo's trainings: fees and registration

Participation fees for each training is marked in Fingo’s training calendar on our website. All trainings are billed afterwards by sending an invoice to the address provided by the participant.


The fees are lowest for Fingo’s member organisations. There might be exceptions to these fees in some cases.

  • One-day training: 30€ for Fingo members, 60€ for other organisations, 120€ for other participants
  • Two-day training: 60€ for Fingo members, 120€ for other organisations, 240€ for other participants
  • Half day training: 20€ for Fingo members, 40€ for other organisations, 80€ for other participants
  • Some short trainings may also be free of charge.


Please register for our trainings using the online registration form provided on Fingo’s website in the training calendar. Please note that the online form must be filled in separately for each training and each training participant. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

After sending the online form you will receive an automatic response that your registration has been noted. However, this does not yet mean that you have received a place at the training. We will contact you separately and tell you if you have been accepted to attend. After this confirmation your registration is binding.

Only participants who have been accepted prior to the training can attend. Any possible changes (for example if an organisation wishes to send another participant instead of the one registered) to the registration must be settled before the training by contacting


Cancellation of participation in a training must be done at least three (3) days before the training by contacting If the participation is not cancelled in due time, a full fee is charged. In this case we also do not forward any training materials to the registrant.

Travel compensation

Fingo compensates travel costs of training participants according to the following guidelines: The maximum number of compensated participants per organisation is three, the travelling takes place inside Finland, and it is done between the participant’s home and the training location. We compensate according to the least expensive public transportation (bus or train). A deductible of 17 euros is subtracted from the final sum.

  • The travel expenses are compensated after the training when the participant has sent us a travel compensation invoice and original receipts. The invoice is paid only after we have received the participation fee.
  • We compensate one return ticket per training, regardless of the length of training. We do not compensate internal travel tickets in municipalities. If you travel from or to another location than your home town, we compensate only your travel from or to your home town.
  • Only very rarely and with justifiable reasons we compensate using one’s own vehicle. Please contact to discuss your situation. If we end up compensating your travel costs, the compensation sum is a ticket price of the least expensive corresponding public transportation. In this case please attach to your travel compensation invoice the information about the price for corresponding public transportation.
  • Using a taxi is accepted only when it is the only way to travel a particular, reasonably short distance. Please note that we do not compensate flight tickets.

In case of disabilities we follow a more permissive interpretation of these guidelines, where needed.