OneWorld goes Yahoo

Ruby van der Wekken

Bringing together more than 950 NGO's, research centres but also individuals focussing on sustainable development and human rights, the One World online network has now strengthened its outreach by an agreement with the major corporate web portal Yahoo.

"This syndication signals that OneWorld has now become an established global news brand, bringing together the voices and concerns of people worldwide," says Peter Armstrong of OneWorld International. The virtual connecting of OneWorld and Yahoo is the first non-profit news syndication to a large corporate Web portal.

OneWorld was set up seven years ago by Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi in London. Guiding their vision was the aim to build an online network of journalists that would use the democratic potential of the Internet to promote sustainable development, human rights and an end to world poverty.

"The concept of online journalism and the possibilities it offers gives a lot to think about. Any citizen can contribute to OneWorld: does this make him or her a journalist? Given the fact that professional journalists may just be corporate tools, a citizen journalist might have more of a raison d'etre and live up to an important journalistic task: making governments accountable to their people," said Vittachi who visited Finland with Armstrong in September.

Oneworld network which has its headquarters in London, has been expanding steadily with working with independent centers in different countries, including Finland. In Helsinki a team of about 12 people has made the first steps during recent months towards bringing NGO news to the Finnish version of OneWorld portal.

Oneworld recieves about one million visits per month. "Our agreement with Yahoo ensures that a wider audience worldwide will be able to read news stories from OneWorld with our distinctive agenda - issues that matter most to people in this era of globalization," says Armstrong.