Global education project

Pauliina Aalto

Kepa is planning to conduct a three year project on global education together with its member organisations. In doing so Kepa will provide coordination in networking, training and information distribution.

The idea covers education in a number of fields: development, peace, culture, environment and human rights.

The project will kick off at the beginning of 2001. Funding has been applied from the European Union and other sources. Kepa's overall role will be to support NGOs in their own global education work through various 'capacity building' activities.

The aim is to improve the quality and efficiency of NGO educational work in a number of ways. The knowledge and skills of Kepa's member organisations will be improved through training in cooperation with Finnish, European and Southern cooperation partners.

The main emphasis will be given to development education. There will be training in theory, producing educational materials, the use of case studies and sharing of experiences.

Another aim is to improve the information links to Finnish society through the creation of a global education databank within Kepa's web site, and through efforts to build up working contacts with authorities, decision-makers and the media.

The databank will be designed for use by NGOs and their different target groups to find information, contacts and services.

Kepa will also coordinate dialogue between civil society, decision-makers and journalists on public awareness concerning development cooperation, human rights and tolerance.