Biodiversity rights

Outi Perähuhta

Kepa's field office in Managua has recently issued a book in Spanish that examines biodiversity and citizen's rights. Its special focus is the rights of indigenous peoples. The book is based on the work of a seminar held in December last year in Granada.

The theme is a pressing one as Nicaragua's tropical biodiversity is broad and so is the range of interests keen on exploiting it. In many cases people are unaware of their traditional rights, let alone the ins and outs of patent agreements.

The book details the agreements on patent and intellectual property rights, as well as the national and local impact of international trade agreements. It gives a brief overview of the situation of biodiversity in various countries and the factors that imperil it. In addition, it presents the action plans drawn up by the seven Central American states to improve the situation.

The publication of the book is part of the work of Kepa's Managua office that concerns environmental and citizen's rights - both part of Kepa's partnership programme and development policy activity.