Climate Mitigation Effort Sharing in Mekong - In Pursuit of Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Vietnam and Thailand

Climate change is a pressing global issue but the confusion and lack of clarity surrounding it are hindering inclusive dialogues and effective solutions.

In the Mekong region, the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases are the biggest economies namely Thailand and Vietnam. The governments of both countries are well aware of climate change. They have acknowledged its impacts, elevated its priority level on
national agendas and also produced numerous policies and action plans. There are, however, several problems related to tackling climate change which are common to both Thailand and Vietnam.

This report is a synthesis written based on two Surveys: The Survey and Assessment of The Appropriate Share of Climate Change Mitigation Actions in Developing Countries: The Case of Thailand by Healthy Public Policy Foundation (HPPF) and The Assessment of policies on GHG mitigation in Vietnam by Green Innovation and Development (Green ID).

This synthesis outlines the key findings of the two Surveys, discusses the main common ground and differences and concisely presents conclusions and recommendations.