Do you know what development co-operation is about? Take Kepa´s online course.

Learn about development cooperation online

Do you want to know how development cooperation is done effectively? Kepa's online self study package is now launched in English.
Auli Starck

Self study package is designed particularly for Finnish civil society organisations (CSOs) and their Southern partners to assist in planning and implementing development cooperation projects.

By completing the online course CSOs can update and build up their knowledge on development issues and project cycle management. This will increase the quality and effectiveness of  development cooperation projects.

The course includes interesting videos and cases from the South to provide practical examples of development cooperation as well as links for further information.

The online course consists of six modules:
1. Basis for Development Cooperation and the Role of CSOs
2. Our Organisation and Our Partners in Development Cooperation
3. Where and How We Operate?
4. Materialising a Desire for Change into a Project
5. Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
6. CSO Project Funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

In order to get a certificate and complete the course you need to sign in at All the material is also accessible without registration.

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